We are pleased to announce that Connor Remodeling & Design was awarded THREE GOLD AWARDS at the recent Wisconsin Remodeler of the Year Awards Banquet. The WRA's are the Oscar's of our industry and recognize local remodeling contractors who exceed in their field. Connor Remodeling & Design received gold awards in the following categories: Residential Kitchen [...]

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What’s your remodeling project worth?

The people at Remodeling Magazine have released their 2013 Cost vs. Value Report, which includes a section of data specific to the Milwaukee area. According to their data, “for the first time in six years the overall average cost-value ratio has improved reaching 60.6%.” Financially speaking, what that means is the improvements you make today [...]

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Granite vs. Quartz

Are quartz countertops like Cambria really a better countertop material than granite or is granite still the reigning king of the countertops? I have collected a few unbiased studies that get to the heart of the quartz vs granite countertops debate and one countertop came out on top. The Comparison Results You can get beautiful [...]

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Vintage Flair

The clients were looking to update the style and function of their 1980’s Master Bath. The main issues they needed to address were lack of counter space, lack of storage and overall layout. The clients love to travel and have had the pleasure of staying at spa retreats. They were looking for a design which [...]

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Why is the chimney dripping?

Anytime you hear dripping in the house – and it’s not coming from a sink – there’s good reason to be concerned. Water is rarely a friend to home interiors, unless there’s a cleaning process involved. Chimneys are sometimes a source of dripping water, especially after a heavy rainstorm. Chimney leaks can also occur at [...]

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“Cooking Mecca”

Make no mistake: Heidi’s passion was the basis of the project. Heidi loves to cook. Given a choice, she might live full-time in the kitchen. She revels in creating culinary delights for family and friends. She lives to entertain. Her kitchen is her castle. It has to be just right. But, it wasn’t. For starters, [...]

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Make it a Holiday, every day

You just know that some products are good. Well, one of the best product lines that we know is the custom cabinetry made by Holiday Kitchens, headquartered and produced just a few hours north in Rice Lake, Wis. We’re proud to announce that Connor Remodeling & Design is offering the Holiday Kitchens line to our customers [...]

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Cleaning up gets luxurious

For seemingly forever, showers were pretty utilitarian. After all, how much time did you really spend there? You got in, got out and went about your day. Not much was expected from this very personal cleaning space. A lot has changed in the past decade or so. Showers are no longer just a place to [...]

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The Handyman did it (in the shower stall, with a claw hammer …)

The Handyman did it (in the shower stall, with a claw hammer …) If you’ve ever played the classic game “Clue,” you’ll recognize that lead-in. If not, well, read on and you’ll understand … Let’s start with a question. What if you hired someone to do a remodeling project, and then couldn’t use the finished [...]

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Whew! It’s been a busy several weeks!

Whew! It’s been a busy several weeks. We’re still working on a list of topics to address here. We plan to focus on the questions we hear most often from customers, and the projects that are in greatest demand. Any suggestions? Let us know. In the meantime, we extend an invitation to visit Connor Remodeling [...]

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