You just know that some products are good. Well, one of the best product lines that we know is the custom cabinetry made by Holiday Kitchens, headquartered and produced just a few hours north in Rice Lake, Wis.

We’re proud to announce that Connor Remodeling & Design is offering the Holiday Kitchens line to our customers for their kitchen projects. We’ve looked into this for some time, and recently reached agreement with Holiday Kitchens. Needless to say, both sides are happy.

Here’s what’s so great: Holiday Kitchens offers an almost unparalleled selection of designs, wood types, overlays, veneers and other features. It’s literally a smorgasbord of cabinet options, and customers can pick and choose to create their own personalized product.

The options for creating a custom look for a kitchen are unbelievable. In other words, customers get exactly what they want, because they can select every element of the cabinets – from the wood, to the frame style, to the metals, to the finishing … you get the point.

Do we sound excited? We are, with good reason.

Enhancing the options, Holiday Kitchens carries an extensive line of “green” products. Customers so inclined can choose cabinets made from recycled materials and even exotic eco-friendly woods such as bamboo. All are produced with low VOC emissions, but still offer unique aesthetic and functional qualities.

In addition, Holiday Kitchens has teamed with famed eco-designer Robin Wilson to create the Robin Wilson Home Custom Cabinetry Collection. Ms. Wilson is well known for creating healthy home environments around sustainable and non-toxic elements. She’s good company to keep.

The breadth of the Holiday Kitchens product offerings is truly breathtaking. But don’t take our word for it – see for yourself at

It’s possible that some customers might be overwhelmed by all the options that Holiday Kitchens offers. If so, we’ll step in and offer some suggestions. But we believe it’s better to offer customers more choices, rather than fewer.

In many homes, the kitchen is the hive of activity. People are spending more and more time there. We believe the space should be as closely matched to their needs as possible. With our Holiday Kitchens partnership, the universe of possibilities has expanded like never before.