Our Remodeling Process


Our remodeling process. For most homeowners beginning a home improvement project, the traditional approach they have been instructed to follow is to hire an architect or designer, get the plans drawn up and have three reputable contractors bid the job. The alleged advantage of this approach is that the architect / designer can help you sift through your ideas, convert your ideas to details & provide comprehensive professional services in the area of design.

The disadvantages are that it is the most expensive option for design. Most architects have little experience with remodeling and their approach is not geared to the “cost of the project” only to the “design of the project.” This generally results in projects that don’t get built because of the limitations imposed by budget &structure.

Our Remodeling Process is an alternative to the traditional approach. The concept behind this approach is to integrate quality design with construction services within the same company. This approach starts with a formulation of a realistic budget. The project and alternatives are “designed for the budget,” not the other way around. This generally results in fewer expensive design modifications costs for a project much more practical to build. The design / build contractor will be able to see your project through from start to finish, keeping design, engineering and budget in mind.

The Client and Our Remodeling Process

The client and design / build contractor spend a little up front time in determining budget parameters. If the budget parameters are within clients’ range of affordability, the project can move forward with a high expectation of success. If the budget parameters are not affordable, alternatives can be explored or the client can decide not to pursue the project. However, all of this can be determined within a matter of weeks, not months. In addition, the client and contractor invest only a small amount of time and money in this “feasibility stage.”

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